Dear Colleagues

Due to the recent outbreak of coronavirus, I am sorry to inform you that the course intended in June is cancelled. A revised date suitable to all of you will be decided at a later time

Please stay Safe


May. 1, 2020Deadline for hotel reservation at conference rate
Jan. 2, 2020Registration and Hotel Reservation Sites Open
Oct.11, 2019 Web site Open

Important Dates

What is required for attending to the course ?

Researchers, associate degree/graduate/undergradute students, and who works at the academic/industrial sector can attend the seminar.

Aim of the Seminar:

Training of associate /bachelor/master and doctorate students working in the field of Mechanical and Energy Systems to integrate latent heat storage applications into mechanical systems and ensure that these applications become widespread in Turkey. Solar and wind energy is the most well known type of renewable energy sources in our country. However, the cost of energy storage is very high in these applications. By integrating nanofluid into the Phase Change Materials (PCM), thermal energy storage is easily performed at low costs. The greatest benefit of latent heat storage is that there is less need for electrical energy drawn from the grid with less use of mechanical cooling/heating groups. Experimental applications in the literature show that energy consumption can be reduced to ~ 30%.

Meanwhile this seminar is to shed light on the studies of our associate/bachelor/master and doctorate researchers in Turkey. The lecturers will give lectures in the international academic community and will shed light on heat energy storage, nano fluids theory and applications. Thus, our main objective is to increase the diversity of sustainable energy resources used in our country.

In addition to such applications, the aim is to contribute to the scientific development of the system by expanding the use of nanoparticles in our country in order to increase the thermal capacity of the system. In addition, it is expected that the national and international academics will be together for 3 days within the scope of education issues and will contribute to the formation of mutual synergies about the transnational practices.

Scope of the Seminar:

The scope of the seminar, to encourage participants to use sustainable energy systems, to direct their studies and to contribute to their scientific development.

Other Informations:

The collaboration agreement between Ryerson University (Ontario-Canada) and University of Yalova was signed in 2019. Thus of this seminar, the first step will be taken under the collaboration of both Universities.